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Hello and welcome to Inner Awakenings Blog! My hope with this blog is to bring attention to mental health, raise awareness about mental health and talk about therapy skills in a relatable way.

Mental health is greater than just diagnosing mental illness. So often in our daily life it is easy to focus on social media or the world around us, that we forget to slow down and take the time to check in with our own self. It is about how we care for our self, know our limits and boundaries, use healthy skills and take care of our emotional health.

Just as we make time to care for ourselves when we have a cold or the flu, we need to make take the time to care for our emotional well being. Ask yourself how do I take care of my emotional health? Do I need to make more time for this aspect of my being?

My quick and easy suggestions for a quick emotional health reset:

1- Breathe - slow down and take 3-5 deep, cleansing breaths. (easy because you breath is always with you!)

2- Go outside - take a few moments to step outside and connect with nature.

3- Watch a funny video that makes you laugh

4- Listen to music - my personal go to is anything by Yanni.

What are your emotional health reset tricks?

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